The Official Seven Spheres Legend Web Page


After more than a decade of being available to read here on the site, I have decided to remove the “Classic Stories” and the “Gaiden Stories” from the site.

I decided to do this because as of Chapter 18 of the new Seven Spheres Legend, it has become abundantly clear that the story is moving in an entirely new direction, completely apart from the older story, and isn’t really indicative of what SSL is today. So, in the name of avoiding confusion as people try to determine what of the old version still counts in the new and generally trying to point the way to the future, I have decided to remove the older stories.

While the story content of the Classic Page may be gone, I will in the near future begin posting more classic content in terms of art and other behind the scenes material which I hope you will enjoy. There is quite an archive of pictures from the first generation of Seven Spheres Legend that have never been seen publicly, and I’m eager to share them with you.

I hope you will continue to visit the site and follow the creation of the new Seven Spheres Legend!